My Services

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Modalities used:



Solution Focus

Guided Imagery

Sensory and Somatic Integration

Experiential ( art, drumming, singing bowls).

Areas of specialization include but are not limited to: 

Trauma: specifically PTSD

Transitions: developmental, school, job, relationship, aging etc.

Cultural issues: I am bilingual/bicultural- Spanish/English and have extensive experience working with cultural differences.

Anxiety and depression



It is not possible to heal when you are frightened.  I spend several sessions building trust and safety with children.  I do this through play, art, poetry, music, walks.  Understanding children’s uniqueness, their likes and dislikes, ways of communicating, fears, and joys, determine how I will work with them. Some children express themselves very well verbally, while others tell their story through rhythms on a drum or a simple drawing.  What is the same in all the children I have worked with is the desire to be seen and acknowledged, and be told the truth.

Adolescents and young adults:

“Who am I ?” is the question youth is trying to answer.  My focus is to support and honor where they are in the present moment, and help them navigate the storms that threaten their wellbeing. My aim is not to prevent their hearts from breaking, but to hold their experiences sacred, and help them understand the value that can come from heartache. When a heart is not allowed to break, it will harden. Learning self-regulation and managing distress in a healthy manner is a step towards finding the richness of their spirit.


I often find that due to the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life, adults live disconnected from their true essence. As humans, we seek to know ourselves.  Reuniting with our essence and strengths guides us towards wholeness so that we can celebrate and relish our lives, and have the strength to deal with difficult experiences and dysregulation.

Awareness of how experiences are felt in the body as sensations and feelings is a step towards recognition and change. Our bodies hold a wealth of useful information and are the messengers of what we need to hear at any given moment. My hope is that I can help clients befriend their body, and find their center and inner-stillness so that  the message is heard clearly.

In the first six years of life, we acquire stories and assumptions as responses to our environment. These stories become unconscious patterns and we are no longer aware of how they affect and can interfere with our present goals and desires.  Becoming conscious of our patterns helps us identify dysfunctional behaviors that once were essential to our survival, but are currently the causes of distress and the obstacles that get in the way of our well-being. My goal is to not only help clients develop new patterns that work in harmony with who they are today, but also discover the beauty that is already within them.