Information, payments and policies

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Getting Started:

I offer a 1/2 hour consultation in person or by phone.  This will give us both the opportunity to ask questions and help determine if I am the right person for you, and if I can be of help.  If we feel that we are a good match, you will be able to download an “Informed Consent” and a “Child Development History” form (if therapy is for a child or teen) that you can fill out and bring to your first session.

How long are the sessions:

Sessions are either 1 hour or 1 and a half hour long.

How often should sessions be scheduled:

It really depends on the issue and the person. Most clients come once a week. However, I have clients who come twice a week when they need extra support, and some that come twice a month.  As issues are resolved and positive behaviors integrated, clients have found that it is best to go to once a month for a period of time before ending therapy.


Unless in the case of an emergency or illness, payment for a missed session is due in full at the next appointment if 24 hour notice is not given.


Payment is due at the beginning of each session.

1 hour sessions are $125

1 1/2 sessions are $150

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. ($5.00 are added to credit card payments).


My practice is not affiliated with any type of insurance.  If your insurance covers “out-of-network” providers, I am happy to give you an invoice that you can submit to your insurance.


My office offers free parking for clients marked “patient parking” in the back of my office building.